High Fiber Dog Food

Why is a high fiber dog food important?

Not only is fiber an important element to our diets as humans, but it is also crucial to provide your pet with a high fiber dog food too. By ensuring that fiber is present in the diet, dogs are able to lead a very active and energetic life with fewer health risks.
Since digestion is such an important process within a dog’s body adding fiber to their food ensures that the process is supported and maintained at a healthy level. Not only does it aid digestion, but it also supplies essential nutrients which are often used to encourage bowel movements and keep health issues such as constipation at bay. The quality of the dog’s stools will also improve with more healthy natural digestion and will be much better formed. These will be firmer and is in essence the reason for the avoidance of impacted anal sac glands.
Dogs can utilize more of the nutrients of their food through a good source of fiber, therefore allowing them to digest more and have less of a waste product due to more of the food being absorbed by the body.

High Fiber dog food Health Benefits

As briefly mentioned above, working against constipation is just one of the pros to a high fiber dog food. Incorporating it into a diet also greatly lowers the risk of impacted anal sac glands since it stimulates bowel movement and makes the health problems caused by lack of healthy digestion much less likely.
Another problem which some dogs suffer from is obesity and believe it or not, research has proven recently that high fiber dog food makes dogs feel more full after eating; meaning that a lower calorie diet can be used whilst still satisfying their appetite. This would therefore be a perfect supplement for a dog which potentially needs to lose a bit of weight or even to ensure they feel more full after meals.

What types of food?

Specific food sources can be added to a generic diet to ensure that your pet is still getting a high fiber dog food. Common sources of fiber include grains, beet pulp and chicory. However, it can also be found in more everyday food sources suchas: Canned pumpkin pulp Steamed green beans Sweet potatoe Bran flakes or cooked oats

Over-the-counter fiber additives:

Alternatively, there are a number of different fiber supplements purposefully created for dogs which have very good reviews that can be given along-side a normal dog food. One which is recommended highly via amazon and carries a 4.5 star average customer review is Virbac Vetasyl Fiber Capsules 500 mg. Another highly rated option which can be found on amazon is Diggin’ Your Dog Firm Up Pumpkin Super Supplement for Digestive Tract Health for Dogs, 4-Ounce.
Both of which have good reviews, an affordable price tag and are potential fiber supplements for your dog. If you are thinking about using a supplement then we encourage seeking medical advice from a veterinarian if you are at all unsure of their use for your particular dog.