Glucosamine for Dogs

What is Glucosamine for dogs ?

Glucosamine for dogs is a natural substance produced which aids with the repair of muscles, joints and ensures easy movement. It is especially useful within cartilage and helps to make sure this is built-up and strong.
With age however, this process slows meaning that the body no-longer produces enough glucosamine chondroitin for dogs; which in turn does not allow the body to repair its self quickly enough. This mainly affects cartilage in the joints and makes movement both painful and difficult for the dog.
By choosing to include dog joint supplements into the diet, the levels of the glucosamine chondroitin for dogs can rise and begin to rebuild the cartilage around the joints to ultimately relieve movement pain. Glucosamine tablets, or the liquid replacement, simply replenish what the body used to naturally produce and therefore can regain a dog’s youth to some extent and reduce the signs or aging within the joints. It is important that the correct glucosamine for dogs dosage is given, which is determined by different factors and can be further read about in a passage below. You should also be able to find dosage information within the product information of specific joint supplements for dogs.

Why use Glucosamine?

When a dog finds movement difficult or painful, obviously they are likely to become much more inactive which can further increase their arthritis problems and muscle soreness due to them not being exercised and used regularly.
If a dog is lethargic, suffers from arthritis, limps when touched or generally no-longer has much motivation for moving around then these are all signs of a natural deficiency in glucosamine which occurs in many older dogs. Glucosamine chondroitin for dogs has an anti-inflammatory effect, helping to reduce your dog’s pain Side effects are very rare Helps restore joint health naturally Improves lubrication in your dog’s joints, making movement easier

Correct Glucosamine for dogs dosage:

When deciding what the correct glucosamine for dogs dosage should be, a veterinarian should always be consulted and they will then determine the dosage relating directly to the dog’s weight which will in turn dictate how much can be given. Heavier dogs will clearly require more dog joint supplements than smaller, lighter dogs.
glucosamine for dogs
A dog should never be given more than the stated glucosamine for dogs dosage amount, however, too little and the joint supplements for dogs will have little to no effect on the pet in question. (If the substance is having no effect after a number of weeks then a veterinarian should always be consulted again before either increasing the amount or exploring other health problem possibilities).
When using glucosamine for dogs as dog joint supplements, it does normally take a few weeks for any effect to take place and it is normal within the first few weeks to be prescribed a higher glucosamine for dogs dosage by the veterinarian, before being lowered to an amount known as a maintenance dose. A dog can then remain taking this lower dose for its whole lifespan if agreed by a professional, providing of course it is having a positive effect.

Signs to look out for:

Signs that the glucosamine for dogs is having a positive effect consist generally of the dog becoming more active and having more motivation to run, play, climb stairs etc. All of these are signs that the joint movement is becoming easier again and is no-longer causing quite as much pain or discomfort.
The glucosamine for dogs dosage does take two weeks to a month before you will see any visible signs of improvement so it is normal to not notice immediate results.
If glucosamine stops being taken then the symptoms can and are likely to return as the natural levels of glucosamine once again drop and joints return to being slightly sorer to move.
Glucosamine chondroitin for dogs  is only one  of many dog joint supplements in which a dog’s levels of the substance is replenished, which helps joint movement and repair. Every dog reacts differently and in all circumstances, we recommend that a veterinarian is consulted with regards to the dog’s health.

Joint Supplements for Dogs

In terms of choosing the correct joint supplements for dogs , you really should look carefully and do some research beforehand. Some dog joint supplements can be quite expensive and not all of them are very highly rated by previous customers. That is why we have provided you with a comparison chart in which you can clearly see the best glucosamine chondroitin for dogs dog joint supplements with a clear description of their price, rating and link to more information. This should therefore hopefully mean you are a bit more informed about purchasing joint supplements for dogs and also make the research process slightly easier.
If you are in any doubt about your dogs health regarding joint supplements for dogs, then please consult your veterinarian.