Kefir for Dogs

Foods Rich in Probiotics When looking at getting more probiotics into your dog’s diet, there are actually a few natural alternatives to buying sometimes expensive supplements. Certain foods claim to contain a lot more probiotics for dogs than any of the supplements available on the market and are available at only a fraction of the … Leer más

Glucosamine for Dogs

What is Glucosamine for dogs ? Glucosamine for dogs is a natural substance produced which aids with the repair of muscles, joints and ensures easy movement. It is especially useful within cartilage and helps to make sure this is built-up and strong. With age however, this process slows meaning that the body no-longer produces enough … Leer más

Hypoallergenic Dog Food

What is hypoallergenic dog food ? Hypoallergenic dog food is a specially formulated meal for dogs which contains a very limited amount of ingredients that are most likely to cause them to have an allergic reaction. Ensuring that most of these elements do not feature, this means that it is a safer food to choose … Leer más

High Fiber Dog Food

Why is a high fiber dog food important? Not only is fiber an important element to our diets as humans, but it is also crucial to provide your pet with a high fiber dog food too. By ensuring that fiber is present in the diet, dogs are able to lead a very active and energetic … Leer más

Gluten Free Dog Food

What is Gluten Free Dog Food ? Gluten free dog food is sought after when a pet develops an intolerance to gluten; a high concentrated protein from the grain of wheat, barley or rye once all the starch has been removed. When comparing a high quality gluten free dog food to typical canned food or … Leer más